The quality policy from Asero Logistics is an integral part of the company strategy. Responsibility for quality is firmly anchored in our company values ​​and is actively carried out by all employees. We strive to exceed the customers expectations, without losing sight of the economic reality.



Our modern, technical integration enables full transparency of shipments and vehicle monitoring so we can guarantee the highest level of service. Our track & trace system allows you to track your shipment in real time so you will always have targeted information about the delivery status of your order. We noticed that our customers greatly appreciate that we offer this service as a standard.



We offer an full all-in-one-service and with over 15 years of experience, our team can suggest the most effective and efficient shipment options available. Our dedicated employees are at your disposal, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why work with us?


The world is constantly changing and in order to follow and understand the trends, we prepare future challenges in advance. Today we have to be ready for tomorrow.  A solution-focused mindset is part of our culture. Reducing our carbon footprint and exceeding our customers expectations are on our daily focus.


We have a strong business culture, summed up in its founding values: safety as a priority, respecting each other, a pioneering spirit, standing together and a performance minded approach. These values are embedded in our DNA. Through our internal organization and use of modern technology, respecting the requirements of our customers, we aim to ensure continuous improvement and building stable and long-lasting partnerships based on common goals.


Just-in-time solutions

We have assembled one of the best teams of professionals to deliver excellence throughout the transport industry. If you are a shipper looking for a suitable way to meet your delivery deadlines, you have come to the right place! Our team of experts can coordinate your shipments for you; freeing you up to focus on what is important – your business’ bottom line.


Tailored solutions

Like a tailor -made dress, the ideal solution perfectly suits to our customers. It is not a mission impossible, but it is required to listen and understand our customer’s needs, giving suggestions and consultancy. We believe that identical solutions do not exist, so we create an unique and personal solution for all of our customers. 

Feel free to call us for your tailored solution!

Your journey to a stable and reliable product distribution

At Asero Logistics we highly care about the product distribution resiliency. We can easily adapt to structural changes by modifying strategies and technologies. We have the ability to sense and respond to unanticipated changes or supply quickly and reliably, without sacrificing cost or quality. We are here to connect your dots by finding the right transport solutions for your business. Together we explore strategies to help you take care of your product distribution and identify blind spots. 

Freight forwarding