FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Transport

The term FMCG is used on consumer goods which are bought a lot. Products like food, toiletries, cosmetics and detergents are just a few examples of the whole range of products. Asero Logistics offers a full range of transport and logistics services related to organizing and executing the international transportation of FMCG.


We understand the time-sensitive logistics requirements and that is why we are committed to provide timely effective solutions that can facilitate the transportation of consumer goods from manufacturing to retail. With a fast and reliable transport experience, we can substantially reduce lead times in your supply chain.

E-commerce transport

E-commerce businesses also include shipping of your goods to the desired destination. Starting from 2021, Asero Logistic provides transport solutions for the E-commerce sector and focuses also on the last yard service -, the next level of granularity. The last yard represents the customer receiving a shipment and moving to the end user. Consumers may judge their entire interaction with your company based on the delivery experience, that’s why you can rely on us. A sustainable transport strategy must satisfy the consumer’s expectations while balancing the resource requirements.

Refrigerated transport: Fresh and frozen products

Asero Logistics is also organized to transport refrigerated goods which have to be kept continuously cold or fresh. We organise the distribution in temperature controlled trailers for fruits, vegetables meat and other related products. Maintaining the correct temperature is an important KPI in the organization, which has everything to do with the self-life of products. In that sense, food safety is Asero Logistics number one priority. Our trucks usually drive full loads of frozen products from A to B in the Netherlands, Belgium, Northern France and Germany. We listen and care about your logistic needs and look for the most efficient solution.

Express deliveries

For time and business-critical reasons, some shipments simply have to be sent by express. For these shipments, we have our Express Delivery Department. Our service enables to provide some of the transport industry’s fastest road transportations. We follow all shipments through our real time tracking systems, accessible 24/7, 365 days per year. When making a booking at our Express Delivery Department, you can count on a personal commitment that ensures a safely completed delivery at the time specified. Our track & trace system allows you to track your shipment in real time so you will always have targeted information about the delivery status of your order.